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Kanoudake jinjya shrine



 古文書(貝原益軒編 筑前国統風土記など)によれば、「往昔、山の名を天狗山と申しけるが、神功皇后、三韓進出のみきり、この所に御心願あらせし給ひしに御心に叶ひけりとて、山の名を変えて叶嶽と名付け給う」とある。





 〜 "Wish come true" Kanoudake shrine 〜


 January 1(New Year's Day)
 January 4 (Big festival)
 April 4 (Big festival)
 ※ The big festival that had been on July 24 changed to September 24.
 September 24(Big festival)

You can see Fukuoka city from near the summit

Kanoudake jinjya shrine history

Sacred mountain Kanougatake is 341 meters of altitude in Imajuku,
Nishi-ku, Fukuoka city, and it's said that a wish comes true.
A guideboard in a kanougatake shrine is in JR Imajuku station, and that it's scenic.
It takes 40 minutes on foot from a kanougatake miya mae bus stop to go to a shrine.
When a mountain top is climbed, Fukuoka city does the whole picture.
and the northern side feels a deep blue sea is wide, and islands are looked down upon.

 Origin in a kanougatake shrine

                      By Ancient document

This mountain was said to be Tenguyama before.
Empress Zingu assumed a wish could make a successful wish upon this mountain,
and that came true at conquest of Three Hans, and she named with Kanougaku.

The top of mountain is a boundary with Ito area and Sawara area.
There is a main hall in a mountain top, but this belongs to kaminoharu in Ito area.
Before,There is big stone in this mountain top.

There was a person called yoshizumi inaba in a kaminoharu village.
He tried to build a stone buddist image of atago god in a mountain,
but there was a big stone and without being able to remove,it was built on it.

After that fire occurred and a main hall burned,and big stone was baked and fell in a valley,too.
A main hall was built again in its location and a stone buddhist image was enshrined.

During a Tensho year(From 1573, 1593)
Ryouei Harada of the lord of castle of a grandsir castle remodeled this main hall.
And a rice field was donated.
There is also a place name called Jizoden in kaminoharu now.
Tadayuki Kuroda of Fukuoka seigneur is also remodeling it in 1632.
Grandchild now in 8th generation in Inaba also lives in komioharu and protects this main hall.

  The relation between yosizumi Inabanokami and kaminoharu.

 Almost all ship sinks by a hurricane from a when in case of the Mongol invasion(1274and1281),
and the raid which passes to the twice also ends in failure.

2 Shogunate government of kamakura prepares for a raid of the 3rd and has strengthened the foreign guard.
Yoshizumi hidanokami tadatsugu who pulls ryuu of seiwa genji during it was here.
Hidanokami kept a house in kaminoharu by an order of the Shogunate
and always hit marine guard of Imajuku whole in 1299.

 There was the 3rd time of no Mongol invasion.
Shogunate Government of Kamakura extincted and was Muromachi era.
Yoshizumi family belonged to Harada family of Takasu castle.
Yoshizumi inaba tadatika deified an apportioned spirit of a winning army Jizo in a kanougatake from Atago avatar.

Breaking faith of Buddhism-Shintoism identity was announced in 1868, but kanougaku is calling itself a shrine while deifying a Jizo.
A grandchild in 15 generations of yoshizumi Inaba lives in this area vigorously even at present.

  A state of the big festival of the shrine at the summit of the mountain

  The company office is also opened on the major festival day, you can also purchase Omamori - fuda cards and Omikamo.

Also, on the New Year's Day and the January 4th Great Day Festival, a bonfire is burned to take the warmer climbers warm and enjoy the chat between the worshipers around that.
The state of the prayer of the great festival.
On that day climb the mountain path from within the dark, many people visit for worship.
On the day of the big festival, the door of the top of the summit which is always closed is also opened and welcomes the worshipers.
 Everyone at the local shrine board meeting will prepare from the early morning on the big festival day.

Overhead view
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A figure around the shrine
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本殿 遙拝所