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Access to Knoudake Shrine
< When using public transportation >

 In case of using Fukuoka municipal subway, take the subway line toward the Meinohara area and get off at Meinohara station or Imajuku station.

(If you get off the train in Imajuku, change to JR Chikuhi Line at Meinohara station. (Directly available) At that time JR fare 210 yen is required separately)

 It will take about 40 to 50 minutes on foot to the mountain entrance of the shrine if you head for the mountain where you walk from Imajuku station.

 For more information on trains and buses, please click here.

<When using a car>

 When using Fukuoka city high speed, go down the urban highway at "Fukushige JCT" and run for about 10 minutes toward Karatsu and you will reach the Aoki intersection.

Turn left at the intersection of Aoki (facing south) and arrive in front of the shrine in a few minutes toward Fukuoka City Outdoor Activity Center.
Also, when using the expressway as it is, change to Fukuoka Maebaru Road at "Fukushige JCT" and get off at "Imajuku Bypass".
Then, make a U-turn from there and proceed from the intersection of Aoki toward the mountain side and arrive at the bus stop in a few minutes.